An advanced AC to DC power converter designed for applications requiring very high DC power supply reliability. With the conversion of AC power to 48VDC power, we have provided a solution to supply power to telecommunications equipment

The advanced architecture provides continuous and stable AC power to critical loads with the same n+x reliability as traditional DC power systems. The design of the power adapter ensures smooth switching between AC and DC inputs, with no switching interruptions and no need for a power converter.


• Provide DC power for BTS home systems
• Provide DC power for Data Centers


• The product line we offer plays a leading role in Telecom and Data Center applications with extensive power supply for 48V systems. It is modular, expandable and can be easily installed in a 19-inch enclosure, also with a high cost-performance ratio and good performance, all rolled into one, meaning a power core your one-of-a-kind.
• To maintain all aspects of energy efficiency, work perfectly with extremely high efficiency up to 98.0% and keep consumption low, not to mention extremely high power density.
• Relying on advanced real-time monitoring and comprehensive battery management, ensuring pre-failure prevention and extending battery life can unleash the full potential of each component and save in OPEX.