We are the distributor of Sunsea in Vietnam for Minishelter cabinet product. Sunsea manufacturer is located in Shenzhen, China, specializes in manufacturing telecommunication equipment storage products for BTS . Sunsea’s minishelter cabinet not only has an eye-catching design but also has the ability to ensure a safe workspace,dustproof, waterproof, suitable temperature for equipment inside the cabinet when operating in harsh environment or outdoor.


. Adaptability to any terrain.
. Using EPS foam insulation material (steel + PU + steel).

. Ability to insulate heat, moisture, and insects.
. Door-mounted DC air conditioner ensures the working temperature of the equipment inside cabinet.
. Built-in temperature sensor, water sensor, smoke sensor and LED.
. Equipment capacity:

o DC power system
o Battery
o Telecommunications, IT or other specialized equipment.